Images by Eugene W. Wong | A stroll around the Steel Bridge - Portland, OR

Created 2-Feb-11
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A few photography friends and I gathered together for a walk about... we decided to meet in N.W. Portland and then head over to the Steel Bridge.

The Steel Bridge is a through truss, double lift bridge. Completed in 1912, it was built as a replacement bridge to the original Steel Bridge built in 1888 which was a double deck swing span bridge. The Steel Bridge of today is the 2nd oldest vertical-lift bridge in North America... the oldest being the Hawthorne Bridge.

The Steel Bridge is one of the most multimodal bridges in the world as it's lower deck carries railroad and bicycle/pedestrian traffic, while the upper deck carries road traffic and light rail. It's the only double-deck bridge with independent lifts in the world. The lift span of the bridge is 211 ft long. The lower deck is 26 ft above the water... with both the upper and lower decks raised, 163 ft of vertical clearance is created. And because of the independent lifts, the lower deck can be lifted to 72 ft, telescoping into the upper deck without disturbing it. Each deck has it's own counterweights... 2 for the upper deck, and 8 for the lower deck... totaling in 9,000,000 lbs.